a year ago i discovered the great art of mixing due trough friend who told i should give it a try. so i bought the dj-software of virtual dj. at first it didn't work out as i hoped it should but after a year the expected progression started to Rise. i now mix with a mixpanel of jbsystems (details below). this is a lot more efficient i can now listen to the upcoming song while the song that is playing can continue to play. As the progression still continues i shall buy more Professional material. My favourite style of music is house.


Me at work

this is my new material, details: double cdplayer jbsystems dj4000, mixpanel jbsystems lam92 (9 canals), 2 turntables omnitronic (needles stanton 500), amplifier from Philips, speakers from philips, dj-headphone behringer.