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Waldack Family Association


  • The major purpose of the Waldack Family Association is to collect and share the work of many dedicated researchers who, individually have perhaps researched only a portion of the Waldack lineage, but together we collectively hope to be able to record the entire Waldack lineage!
  • This can only be accomplished if people like yourself share information. In the true spirit of all good amateur genealogists, those who receive benefit from the research of others should always reciprocate with information of their own. You have probably found a wealth of new information on these pages, so in return we ask that you share any corrections or additions that you have.


  • Well, even though we are a group of "amateurs", that doesn't mean that the quality of our work must necessarily be "amateur". Remember, we said that our goal is to collect and share the entire Waldack lineage. This will never be attained if we are sloppy - nobody would be able to trust the quality of our data!
  • So we ask that you conform to this simple standard: Always specify the source of your information! There are many possible kinds of sources: church records, cemetery records, birth/death/marriage certificates, census records, etc. If an interview with grandma was your source then it's ok, just say so. Genealogists consider the best sources to be those closest to the actual event. A marriage certificate is a direct source; a compilation of marriage records printed in a book is a secondary source, which is not quite as good since transcription errors do happen. But nobody expects every detail to be substantiated by direct sources. After all, we're all amateurs in this group and none of us have the time to trace down every church record (even if that were possible). Realistically, we all work mostly with printed secondary sources.
  • There are very good reasons why we ask for source information. Firstly, it will make our data much more trustworthy and therefore much more useful to others (and to generations to come). But just as important: if a conflict arises (and they always do), we must have a way to "break the tie" and determine which facts are more reliable.
  • But, please don't be afraid to contribute whatever you've got - we'd rather have information without source documentation rather than have no data at all!


1st possibility

  • If you have only a small bit of new information or small corrections, then the simplest method is to simply email your corrections/additions. Please email it to Felix Waldack at

2nd possibility

  • If you have a large volume of data to contribute, then the submission of a GEDCOM file may be the best method. But please use this method only when really necessary, as we will need to laboriously go through your GEDCOM person-by-person comparing your information to that already in our database (we can't simply "add" your GEDCOM or we could end up with duplicate ancestors in the database!). If you have exclusively new individuals to add (not corrections), then if at all possible it would be best if you could create a GEDCOM file with just the new individuals.

3rd possibility

4th possibility

  • If email is difficult or impossible for you, then regular snail-mail will work just as well. Print your additions and corrections and mail them to:

The Waldack Family Association
Jozef Van De Veldestraat 7
B-9270 Laarne, BELGIUM

Be sure to include your return mail address, and preferably a phone number, so that we can contact you with any possible questions (these always seem to come up!).