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WALDACK family

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Coat of Arms

" Sub pondere supersum"

Felix Waldack appearing on the Belgian regional televison AVS (2002), explaining about the -now officially registered- Coat of Arms of the Waldack Family.

Belgian Newspapers "De Gentenaar", "Het Nieuwsblad" and "Het Volk" (Tuesday July 9, 2002)

    all the descendants (with the surname Waldack) from Joannes Baptista WALDACK, born in Evergem on April 16, 1755 and deceased there on February 23, 1823 
    on October 10, 1992 by the Heraldic Council of the Flemish Genealogical Society in Antwerpen, Belgium
    - on July 8, 2002 by the Flemish Government (Belgium)

    main-colours are gold (Or) and black (Sable)  -  refers to: county-arm Evergem
      other colours are silver (Argent) and red (Gules)    
      wild boar  -  refers to: county Evergem
      dung fork  -  refers to:  occupation as farmer   
      shuttle  -  refers to:  occupation as weaver
    boar's head  -  refers to: county Evergem / MANTLING: gold (Or) and black (Sable)
    The Waldack family is settled in Sleidinge since about 1400, and in Evergem since about 1550. The most frequent occupation was farmer (the Waldack's were landowners in the quarters Langendam, Bernt, Weegse and Belzele). Between 1750 and 1900 some familymembers became homeweavers. 
    "Per pale Or and Sable, in bend a dung-fork points up, in front of a shuttle in bend sinister, with in centre chief a boar passant, all counter-changed. The shield is surmounted by an open helm Argent, barred, collared and bordered Or, lined and slung by a strap Gules. The crest is a boar's head Sable, armed and langued Gules, on a wreath Sable and Or; mantling Sable, lined Or"  
    The latin device of the Waldack arm refers to hard working people who succeed although difficult historical  circumstances like wars and economic declines. It means "Under pressure I survive" (registration of the device in December 2006 by the Heraldic Council of the Flemisch Genealogical Society in Antwerpen, Belgium).