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PHILIP WALDACK (1956-2018)





  • Philip WALDACK was born on November 6th, 1956 in Ghent (Belgium) and currently resides in Leuven (Belgium).
    After he graduated as a mathematics and physics teacher, he started working for the Belgian Air Traffic Control Department (Belgocontrol) at Brussels Airport. There he worked as an application-manager and developer. He died on May 10, 2018 in Leuven.

Parachute jump (1992)

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  • His wife Brigitte STEPMAN was born in Oudenaarde (Belgium) on 8th September 1955.
    In Ghent she graduated as a clinical analyst where she stayed with Philip until they moved to Leuven in 2006.


  • Philip and Brigitte enjoy wine & dine and they like traveling.

                  Crete (2008)                                     Egyptian desert (2000)

     Grand Canyon (1981)             Niagara falls (1985)         Great Wall of China (1980)

  • Philip's interests include astronomy and electronic music making.

Total solar eclipse in Turkey (2006)

Korg MS20 synthesizer

  • Philip is also supplementing the genealogical research of his brother Felix.